Pale winter sun

Inspired by walks I’ve done in Canada and Switzerland, where you were the first person to walk in crisp new snow on a sunny day. There’s nothing nicer (even if the temperatures in Canada in February were sometimes around the minus 28˚ mark). I love the particular kind of silence you get when thick snow is on the ground.

I do remember going to Niagara Falls in those kinds of temperatures, and my face hurting from the frozen spray. (In case you think me completely mad, we used to go at that time of the year in the half term holidays from school because my son played in ice hockey tournaments with teams around the Toronto area.)

What you can’t see from the scanned image is that thanks to some lovely watercolour paints, the trees actually sparkle.


3 thoughts on “Pale winter sun

  1. I was bragging about you and your sight yesterday and I was telling my girlfriend what a wonderful enjoyment I recive when seeing the bits of art you do each day, they truely a wonderfull and i wanted to thank you. Sherry Clarke

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