EDM challenge #1 – draw a shoe

Last night, in search of a little reading matter, I picked up this book off the shelf. I had forgotten how much I enjoy looking through artists’ sketchbooks. It is a little peek into artists’ brains. I loved looking at all the different ways that people use their sketchbooks. This morning, I was prompted to look back through a stack of my own sketchbooks I had filed away. I decided it was high time to get back into daily drawing practice.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can waste an inordinate amount of time faffing about waiting for the muse to strike. I can spend aaaages thinking about what I’d like to draw. So to overcome that well-rehearsed form of procrastination, I turned to the Everyday Matters group list again, and just got started on challenge #1 – draw a shoe. I’ve done a lot of these challenges before. But I don’t think it does any harm to see what happens second time around.

I’m hoping this might kick-start the sketchbook habit again for me. Maybe you’ll join me?


11 thoughts on “EDM challenge #1 – draw a shoe

  1. What fun – If only I was computer savvy enough to draw a shoe – today it would have to be a tomato red one – tomorrow perhaps my shabby old but expensive grey one that the French customs insisted on inspecting !

  2. Hello Sue, this is very inspiring to me.
    Das Buch ist sicher toll, dein Text und die Zeichnung/Schrift sowieso – wie immer 🙂 Es ist gut, sich ab und zu Fehler zu erlauben und einfach nur Freude an der Kreativität zu haben. Gleich heute werde ich mein Sketchbook nehmen und etwas zeichnen.
    Danke und liebe Grüße,

  3. It can be so hard to get over that idea that everything you put down on paper has to be a masterpiece (or well, at least pretty good). I have some sketchbooks I intentionally use as my “this stuff sucks” place, but it’s still not easy.

    Love your shoe, by the way. Both the way it’s drawn and the shoe itself. I am in love with that style.

    • Thank you Ursula. I have plenty of sketchbook pages that are not pretty, but I usually learn something from them eg not to rush, not to cut corners, what happens when I don’t really look at what I’m drawing etc.

      Thank you re the shoe itself – it’s one of my favourite styles too. I have had to hide the pair from The Daughter too …

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