Charcoal faces

I’m practising drawing faces in charcoal pencil and conté crayons on pastel paper. I quite like drawing with charcoal, as you can’t get too fussy over details. You just have to make a mark and go with it, trying to sculpt the face into some kind of shape. And you get quite adept at using all ten digits to blend the colour.

Over time, I have gathered a collection of pages torn from newspapers and magazines of interesting faces. I keep them in a storage box, so that I don’t have to cajole an actual live human being into sitting still in front of me. That human being might be easily offended by the result. And I might be terrified. So for now, paper faces are the way for me to practise. You’ll probably get to see a few more over the coming weeks.

Have a good weekend. I’m off to London to try my hand at wood engraving on a tw0-day course. I’ll report back.


2 thoughts on “Charcoal faces

  1. What an interesting trio – for me, I see ‘fear’ in the top left, ‘greed’ in the top right, and ‘confidence’ in the bottom placed face.

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