Marmalade cake

One of the things I’ve decided I’d like to do this year is to try at least one new recipe a week. We have lots and lots of recipe books on the shelves in the kitchen, but tend to revisit old favourites over and over. So, this morning, I picked a book I always enjoy reading, Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries and chose one of his January recommendations. (We have an older hardback version of the book, but I assume the same recipes are in the paperback too.)

I adapted his recipe for marmalade cake by using Doves Farm wheat-free self-raising flour, as neither my son or I eat wheat. (The wheat-eaters in the house did not complain.) Choosing to make the mixture by hand, instead of using a food mixer, ensured that I burnt off enough calories to deserve a generous slice of the finished item.

I’ve illustrated the instructions below. The cake is supposed to be for eight people. Or in our case, four greedy ones.



7 thoughts on “Marmalade cake

  1. Happy new year sue, I love your idea, I watched Julia and Julia last night for the first time and loved the film, wishing you luck with your challenge. Xx

    • Happy New Year, Anne! I watched the film a while ago with my daughter (a fellow foodie) and we absolutely loved it too. Looking forward to discovering lots of new favourites 🙂

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