Sit with what you already have

I made a linocut print of this little owl yesterday for a buyer on Folksy. It will be packaged up nicely and posted off this afternoon.

However, in the process of working up in the studio, I did notice that I hadn’t left myself more than an A4 sized space to work in. When The Muse strikes, I tend to work fast, switching from one medium to another, without stopping to tidy away first. Eventually, the work surfaces tell me that I need to do a major tidy up.

So I spent this morning sorting out paints from inks from pastels from calligraphy pens … I still have no proper storage for the larger paintings and drawings which have accumulated in one corner, but I’m working on that. I decided to enjoy the resulting calm and orderly space while it lasts. I took a cup of coffee up there and began to browse through a stack of old sketchbooks which had turned up from various corners of the room. The process was exciting, as I re-discovered all kinds of projects, ideas, quotes, designs and magazine cuttings which I’d saved in the pages. I jotted down each potential project on a single piece of paper, and it looks as if I have enough to keep me busy until the middle of the year. (This from the woman who can be found on some grey days bemoaning the fact that she has not a single idea). I put this down to the fact that I have an almost entirely visual way of thinking, so that if something is hidden from view, it ceases to exist in my mind. No wonder the studio gets in a mess.

One of the quotes I noted down (and sadly I have no idea who/where it came from) seemed apt.


Like many people, I keep running off in pursuit of the shiny and new. From this exercise, what I think I need to do is stop and re-visit what I already have. Something that The Daughter is teaching me as a result of her graphic design course is the importance of not settling for the first idea, but to keep developing and exploring until you’ve tried all options. Seems I will have plenty to work on, and I suspect the quote doesn’t just apply to art.


10 thoughts on “Sit with what you already have

  1. wise words indeed! i have put myself on a book-buying moratorium until i’ve read ALL the 2012 purchases… then i’ll sell some before i buy anymore :o)
    btw my blog’s had a facelift – courtesy of a new blogfriend and an xmas gift (posted about on wednesday)… what d’ya think???

    • Book buying is my big sin too. I’m in the process of designing a new dining room, and at the moment, bookshelves feature LARGE in the plans …

      • we have two bookcases in the dining room – one nick made years ago for files, which now houses crockery and cookbooks; the other FULL of special hardbacks…
        then two in the living room, two in the hallway…
        not to mention upstairs…

  2. Dear Sue, Not quite in the same vein, but my New Year resolution :”A place for everything……and everything in the right place.

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