Apple green

January has never been my favourite month. The grey days are short, dark and drizzly. So I played around with some drawing ink this morning, Apple Green by Winsor & Newton, and this little piece of calligraphy materialised.

And, in following one of those intriguing rabbit warrens of links which you never quite remember how you got into in the first place, I found a calligraphy workshop which is to take place in Cheshire in February. I wanted to find out a bit more about who was presenting it, and it turns out to be Celia Lister, whose newsletter I’ve been signed up to for quite a while in the vague hope that I might be able to get to one of her classes. (This seemed unlikely, as she is based in Cornwall – a mere 6 hour drive from here.) So I jumped at the chance to learn from her nearer to home and signed up there and then. Don’t you just love synchronicity when it happens?

You can find out more about the workshop here.



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