Work in progress

I’m working on a Valentine’s day commission; a special one-off linocut print with calligraphed message. The outline is done, so time for a tea break and then back for the detail. It’s quite a therapeutic process, especially listening to BBC Radio 4 as you carve away.

If you haven’t tried linocuts since school, I can recommend the soft lino that’s now available. Much easier to work with, I find (and less danger of losing one’s digits).

So bye bye blackbird, as I won’t be able to show you the finished print.



8 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. just lovely!! i was going to learn linocut before the stroke – i wouldn’t dare be let loose with the tools now *eeek*
    it’s a wonderful skill – can’t wait to see the finished piece 🙂

  2. The blackbird looks with a keen eye and im sure it will be well loved. I was wood block cutting today (moku hanga) similar to Lino cut, so therapeutic and great fun! Looking forward to seeing a final shot after the special day. x

    • Thanks Stew. I’ll get a pic before the blackbird goes off to its new owner and ask if its ok to share that pic on the blog after the 14th 🙂

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