Pink and green revisited

It was a busy weekend. We’d organised a family get-together to celebrate my aunt’s recent 97th birthday. With my three brothers and sisters-in-law attending, plus The Son (who can eat for Britain) I had to plan enough food to feed a small army.

On Sunday, I went to a workshop organised by the North West Calligraphers’ Association. The tutor was the lovely Celia Lister who’d come up from Cornwall, and the subject was expressive calligraphy. It was a good day and I learnt a huge amount. Her beautiful lettering takes the starting point of formal italic and morphs into something much more informal and free.

I thought I’d put the calligraphy alongside a watercolour of the pink and green Persian lilies (alstroemeria) I photographed on Friday. Some have turned a delicious pink (painted below), while others have stayed deep ruby red (on my list for this week).



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