Don’t try this at home

If you have ‘the falling sickness’ or any of the other ailments listed below, best not to try this old remedy from Mr Nicholas Culpeper’s 17th century book, The Complete Herbal, without consulting your GP. The hellebore contains some pretty unpleasant chemicals, which can cause all manner of side-effects. Including death.

I’m enjoying reading Terry Breverton’s re-working of Culpeper’s book, with all its weird and wonderful suggestions for remedies, and lists of beautiful common names for familiar plants and flowers. The helleborus niger was known, for example, as Setter-wort, Bear’s-foot, Christe-herbe and Melampode.



5 thoughts on “Don’t try this at home

  1. I think I have a PDF of Culpeper’s book (or one of them). Although there are some strange things in there some remedies work great. I went to a talk by a local herbalist, he was fascinating.
    By the way, your botanical illustrations are amazing Sue.

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