Mothers’ Day camellia

A little print I made the other night, hand painted in watercolour. This one is printed on some ancient watercolour paper which belonged to my mum. She only discovered painting late in life, when a friend asked her along to a local art class. Mum’s sister (now 96 years young) moved house recently, and found a box of mum’s art stuff in the process of decluttering. She passed these on to me and I was delighted to find mum’s drawings and paintings (mainly flowers and landscapes) in amongst the sketchbooks and watercolour pads.   For someone who claimed throughout my childhood that she could only draw ‘stick people’, finding a talent for art was a revelation to mum, and to the rest of the family.

Happy Mothers’ Day. I shall be painting.



4 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day camellia

  1. I love this! Must try linocut someday (after I retire?). Some of our moms were so self-deprecating that it was hard to get them to admit to or own a talent, but it was definitely there!

    • Thanks Melissa – I think you’re right. Or maybe they just didn’t get the time to explore til later in life? I have three brothers, so I guess my mum was a bit busy most of the time!

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