Lightbulb moment(s)

Glancing up from my desk the other morning, I noticed what looked like a bright red-orange lightbulb in the tree at one side of the garden. When I’d grabbed my specs, it turned out to be a male bullfinch. I’m hoping he and his missus have a nest somewhere nearby. We had a family of them at the bird feeders outside the kitchen window last year.

Yesterday, a book by John Muir Laws arrived in the post which I’d been hankering after for some time. As you’ll see from previous posts, I love to draw birds, and I’d like to get better at it. Fellow blogger, Stephanie, mentioned the book in a recent post, and that was enough to prompt me to move it from my wishlist into an order.

The introduction includes these lines from Mary Oliver’s poem, The Messenger, and brought about another bright lightbulb moment.



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