Spring market

Slowly, slowly, spring seems to be finally breaking through the frozen earth. Daffodils are just making their debut in the garden, and buds are beginning to sprout on every available branch.

The last few days have been extremely busy. I took part in Rode Hall farmers’ market (which I blogged about here) on Saturday, selling cards and original art. I’ve been as a visitor to this particular market a couple of times before, and I like the atmosphere and buzz of the place. The Daughter and I spent a hectic day or two getting everything ready for the early start. As we left, the temperature was around the minus 2 mark. Luckily, although it remained cold, the sunshine took the chill off the morning, and the market was busy as usual.

We had a brilliant time and did really well. I have to give The Daughter full credit for her organisational skills – she had thought of just about everything. It was lovely to chat to people at the stall, and to see their responses to the art at first hand. (This chap in particular got a lot of smiles.) The watercolour birds proved most popular, and I even sold the original of the long-tailed tit. (The Daughter was quick to remind me that I had very nearly thrown that one away a while ago.) In addition, there are potentially a couple of commissions and an illustration project in the air.



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