Halcyon days

I have been away for a few days in the Lake District, staying in a pub at the end of the road in Stonethwaite. At the end of the road are the hills and the river. You can walk for hours and maybe see just one or two people.

I walked in the sunshine by Derwentwater lake when we arrived. That’s not a bad view on a Friday afternoon.


That night I dreamt of a kingfisher. I looked up the symbolic meaning this morning. According to Wikipedia,

The first pair of the mythical-bird Halcyon (kingfishers) were created from a marriage of Alcyone and Ceyx. As gods they lived the sacrilege of referring to themselves as Zeus and Hera. They died for this, but the other gods, in an act of compassion, made them into birds and thus restored them to their original seaside habitat. In addition special “Halcyon days” were granted. These are the seven days either side of the winter solstice when storms shall never again occur for them. The Halcyon birds’ “days” were for caring for the winter-hatched clutch (or brood), but the phrase “Halcyon days” also refers specifically to an idyllic time in the past, or in general to a peaceful time.

I understand that they are a portent of good things to come. Yay.




4 thoughts on “Halcyon days

  1. Fantastic photos, with the water mirroring the sky and the light and shadow of the hills. I have been to the Lake District and found it enchanting. It was in autumn and it was sunny and warm. Your little kingfisher is gorgeous!

    • Thank you Mrs D. – I love exploring the Lake District and we are lucky enough to live just a couple of hours’ drive away. We try to steer clear of the touristy bits and make the most of the peace and quiet, whatever the weather decides to do.

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