Sunflowers revisited

I can’t believe it’s been so long, but a couple of summers ago I spent a day learning from watercolour flower artist, Kay Elliott. At the end of the day, I had only managed to finish one of the three sunflowers I had drawn on the biggest piece of paper I’d ever used – it measures about 30 x 22 inches. (I seem to remember that Kay has to order it directly from the paper mill, as most art shops won’t stock such large sheets. You can however order this full imperial paper size online.) I took the painting home with good intentions to finish it, and somehow that never happened as other projects took precedence, until the last couple of days. I came across the piece and decided to paint the other two sunflowers.

I had to take a photo in slightly dull light this morning, brighten it up and add a frame in Photoshop to see how it might look on a wall. I absolutely love painting on this larger than life scale and will be doing more of it. I didn’t like the outlining which I’d done on the first sunflower on the left, so kept that to a minimum on the other two flowers. I also discovered that the pencil drawing I had made with the flowers in front of me were like a kind of jigsaw puzzle to be figured out without the actual flowers there as a reference.

Better late than never.



3 thoughts on “Sunflowers revisited

  1. Very beautiful. I think that had I been in the same situation, it would look like a painting done at two different, well separated times. In your case it really has a unity and does not feel like that at all. Beautiful work.

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