Pink anemones

Working with watercolour definitely hangs on knowing when to stop. I liked this painting when it got to this stage, and luckily, decided to scan it. Later on yesterday, I tried adding more to the background. Bad move. I ended up holding the painting under the tap to try and rescue it. I may revisit this at some stage, as I liked some of the elements I added. But definitely not all of them.



12 thoughts on “Pink anemones

    • I’ve actually put the painting to one side now, and each time I walk past it, the added background elements kind of grow on me 🙂

  1. What a great truth you stated about “knowing when to stop”. You have not shown us how it was after you reworked it (before putting it under the tap!) but I can easily imagine that you were being too self-critical. The start was certainly fantastic. I wish I could paint like that (even if I overrun the stopping point!).

    • Thank you Eduardo for your kind comments. The final version is growing on me now – I may have another try 🙂

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