Tartan party

A friend of mine recently celebrated her 60th birthday. Her two lovely daughters organised a party for her on a theme of Scottish country dancing – one of Pam’s favourite pastimes. Together with talented graphic designer and photographer, Charlotte, I worked on the invitations. These included a map, accommodation details and RSVP card, all tied together with a tartan ribbon (of course). I hand lettered the envelopes to match the invitation style.


The party was a great success, with a live band and Scottish dances ranging from the (relatively) easy to the definitely-for-experts only.

The venue was decorated with bunting, and each guest received a special little jar of daughter Rozzie’s homemade jam to take away at the end. I hand lettered the label design to reflect the invitation style. Aren’t the fabric covers gorgeous?


I know that everyone enjoyed the evening, and the two daughters who masterminded the whole event deserve some kind of a medal for all their hard work, and managing to keep it all a secret from their mum until the night.

(Photographs courtesy of Charlotte Palazzo.)


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