Pheasant feather

It’s been a while since I’ve done any painting. (I’ve been focusing on lettering and calligraphy for the past few weeks.) This morning I came across a feather which I’d found on the blackberry walk from Mevagissey to Heligan, and decided to paint that in my sketchbook.

On that walk, we came across dozens and dozens of young pheasants. Likewise on the narrow country lanes typical in Cornwall. I drove my husband to the starting point for one of his day’s walks, and on the way there, our progress was slowed by crowds of these pheasants strolling along in front of us. They didn’t seem to grasp that they could fly up into the hedges that flanked the road, choosing instead to run along in front of the car until we got very close. Only then did they remember that they could take to the air and escape.


No pheasants were harmed in the making of this painting …



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