Copyright © 2009-2017 Sue Brown. All rights reserved.

Words and images on this blog are copyrighted and not to be reproduced in any way without express permission in writing. Please contact me with any queries on


7 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Hi Sue, I’ve just shared one of your gorgeous drawings on the Dappled Sky Facebook page – hope this is OK- I’ve accreditted it to you. Seeing that you have a ‘Facebook share button’ on that page I guessed it would be acceptable. If you would rather it was removed just let me know…it’s a lovely drawing and I just wanted people to admire it! X Deborah @ Dappled Sky

  2. Hi Sue, i wonder if I can use your image for my sister’s wedding invitation. She loves freesia and I want to suggest her to use this image, of course we will put all your name in every invitation we produced. Let me know 🙂

    • Hi – as an illustrator, always happy to discuss the licensing fees of my images for this kind of purpose. Please email if you’d like details.

  3. Hi Sue – I like the idea of devoting a page to copyright ! So few people understand that an image belongs to the creator and the use of it is theft unless done so with the express permission of the artist. As artists we are in a difficult position – in order to publicise ourselves we have to put our work on the web and risk it being plaigiarised by others. Against my better judgement I have started defacing my work with a copyright notice but I hate doing it !

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